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Hello, I am Scott


It has been an honor and privilege to have assisted thousands of transitioning career seekers into better life-fulling employment opportunities.


I believe a lot of professionals make the mistake of only focusing on one aspect of their job search; usually, it is the resume.

It is my belief you are so much more than a 1 or 2-page document. 

This is why I have created a philosophy that takes a holistic approach to job search strategy.

Why? 'You are more than a resume'

My coaching perspective begins with an initial consultation that helps us define your aspirations while creating a career marketing plan for success.

Yes, I will write your resume that is unique to your professional experience. It will be ATS-compliant and easy to edit.

The next step is your LinkedIn profile. This is imperative to a successful job search. We will be strategically using this platform to help become a referral and not get lost in the wasteland of resumes.

Finally, another comprehensive coaching session where I will teach you how to match your resume to the job announcement, effectively reach out to recruiters, and make yourself stand out during the rest of the application process.

So what is holding you back? Now is the time to invest in yourself and collaborate with a Career Coach who has guided so many to success.

A FREE Career Quest Call is a click away!!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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